Better for the planet

How Vivreau drinking water dispensers are helping save the Environment

At Vivreau we have always cared about the environment. Since the genesis of our company in the late 1980s our philosophy has been to provide the best quality water from the most local source, eliminating the need for costly and polluting transportation and packaging. We are proud of the fact that our products have been designed and manufactured specifically to reduce our clients’ impact on the environment.

Vivreau helping the environmentOur company launched the original Table Water Bottling System in 1990 and Vivreau water is now served in the meeting rooms of approximately 75% of the top 100 UK companies, vastly reducing their carbon footprint and assisting many of them in achieving LEED Certification, BREEAM Rating and the ISO 14001 environmental management rating.

The food industry talks about “food miles” and in the water industry we talk about “water miles”. Transporting bottled water around the UK from Europe and even nowadays from the Pacific Islands, creates a huge negative impact on the environment. Not only is water being transported by road, creating congestion and pollution, there is also the issue surrounding glass and plastic packaging waste. Our research shows that 80% of a typical city office’s glass packaging waste is attributed to pre-bottled mineral water. Click here for more information

Although recycling facilities are available, this still has a negative impact on the environment and re-using will always prove to be more efficient than recycling. Therefore the installation of a Table Water Bottling System, with re-usable Designer glass bottles for pure chilled still and sparkling drinking water, has an immediate and dramatic impact on a client’s carbon footprint.

Vivreau's drinking water dispensers continue to aid our clients in their quest for waste reduction...