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Table Water Bottling

Vivreau… the global leader in the design and manufacture of environmentally responsible on-site water bottling systems

Vivreau is the professional’s choice for corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, conference centres and educational institutions. With an unparalleled range of water dispensers systems manufactured to the highest standards to meet the ever growing demands of our clients.

Water Dispensers

Our Sustainable Drinking Water Dispensers are Perfect for any Environment

Established in the late 80's, Vivreau has grown to become the global leader in the development and manufacture of purified drinking water dispensers. Vivreau believe that water systems are more than just a vending machine and should be designed to suit your environment.

Corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, country clubs, conference centres, medical and educational institutions become more sustainable by enabling them to offer their 'own' limitless, chilled, advanced micro filtered sparkling and still water in reusable, Designer glass bottles.

Vivreau together with Brita continue to develop new innovations and improved water quality, helping to provide good quality drinking water from the most advanced drinking water systems. Our ultimate goal is to change the way people drink water and eliminate the need to transport pre-bottled mineral waters around the world.