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“No matter the project, keeping a consistent flow of high quality drinking water is vital in order to ensure the comfort and convenience of a building’s occupants. Regardless of whether you’re starting from scratch, renovating or refurbishing, installing a Vivreau system makes this a simple task to undertake.

The Vivreau LinkLine offers a unique solution where a solitary, compact unit is all that’s needed to offer purified chilled still, sparkling or even boiling water over numerous floors. Eliminating the need to install separate refrigeration technology at various locations around the building – which can not only be detrimental to expenditure on a new building, but also these units can appear cumbersome and detract from high quality finishes – a system like LinkLine can make newly built or refurbished buildings all that more appealing in an aesthetic, economical and environmental sense. Utilising the LinkLine system to distribute water to numerous ViTap outlets across multiple floors, architects are able to provide a service that’s 45% more cost effective than installing multiple individual units, whilst also being up to 55% more energy efficient, and attractive to boot.

Designed to continuously re-circulate the water around the pipes, freshness is guaranteed on every floor. And, with the LinkLine’s unique Control Management System (CMS), the performance of the LinkLine’s Master Control Unit (MCU) is monitored, as well as the flow and dispense of water at various outlets throughout the building.

It ensures optimum performance of the system particularly as each MCU controls multiple drinking water dispense points in one building. It is also used as an aid to the onside technical/vending team to monitor the performance of the system enabling immediate action to be taken if required.

Featuring high performance Ice Bank refrigeration technology, which is capable of delivering very high volumes of chilled water, LinkLine offers a range of additional benefits including a power saving option to reduce electricity consumption and anti-flood detection system.”

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